Golden Bean Silver Medal Award September 21 2016

Vashon Coffee Company is very pleased that our Organic Espresso Velluto won a Silver Medal in the milk based category at this years Golden Bean North America competition. With over 700 applicants this year that shows how tasty this coffee is!

Vashon Coffee Company served at Vashon's newest restaurant Bramblehouse June 02 2016

Vashon Coffee is so excited at being served by the newest restaurant on Vashon Island, Bramblehouse.  It's much anticipated opening happens the first of June and we can't wait to see Chef Lia making her guests happy!

New Season Crops are landing June 01 2016

New Crop is coming in strong now and we are roasting and cupping samples like mad.  Our newest addition coffees are Colombia Narino, with notes of sweet orange and guava and Guatemala Finca Ceylan with blackberry and cream.  Honduras Capecas with bright juicy citrus and cocoa is on its way!  Keep checking in as new crop Ethiopians promise to be very good this year too.

Sumatra Ketiara Adsenia Triple-Picked ORGANIC March 11 2015

This is a most enjoyable Sumatra! So clean and sweet with a slight bit more brightness than most Sumatrans, yet as it cools the big body comes shining through.  It's ORGANIC and from a coop of mostly widowed women. Try some soon, this one will win you over if you are not a normal Sumatra drinker!

New Arrivals! September 10 2014

Vashon Coffee Company is excited to announce some new arrivals! Check out our Sumatra Harimau Tiger, Kenya Nyeri Othaya PB and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Celinga Village. All 3 of these coffees are truly unique, delicious and must be tried.

Also, we are proud to announce that our Sumatra Harimau Tiger is being served at the fabulous Canlis Restaurant in Seattle and is getting across the board positive feedback.  Also, Aragona who is now Vespolina is serving select single origins of Vashon Coffee.  If you haven't been there yet, it is a delightful experience and should be on your list of restaurants to go to.

Until next time, keep on brewing!

Team Vashon Coffee Company