Ethiopia Suke Quto Honey Processed


Suke Quto refers to both a single farm owned by Tesfaye Bekele as well as its own washing station for surrounding producers to bring their coffees too. This lot is from the farm itself which rests at 2000masl and is a stellar representation of its Guji home with a slight twist. Tesfaye chose to process this coffee with the "honey" method where they first depulp the coffee removing the skin but leaving the sugaring mucilage on. From here they place the depulped cherries on raised beds to dry. This process brings out a different body and mouthfeel into its flavorful profile while also articulating the coffee's acidity more clearly into the body and flavors. We get florals and peach flavors with lemon and stone fruit acidity with a mouthfeel that is more creamy than tea like. 

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