Colombia Finca Angel Ramon Fairtrade Organic


The dream of the family Aranda Agudelo started in 2010 by taking out a loan to acquire a small coffee farm that was self-sustaining, cohesive and friendly with the environment in theTunia, Cauca region. 

In 2011 5,000 coffee trees were planted on 1 hectare of the farm, and the other hectare of the farm was preserved as forest and protecting the natural spring that is on the farm. This is the other part of coffee farming, protecting the environment.

 From Vashon Coffee:

Our son Dane married Yimara (their daughter) a year ago on Vashon.  They met 4 years ago when Dane was visiting Colombia to do the event “Let’s Talk Coffee”. Both Dane and Yimara work in coffee and live in Portland, Oregon.  Vashon Coffee is very proud to have our new family coffee added to our offerings.  The Aranada/Agudelo family took extra care to pick only the ripest cherries and specially process at a separate mill at harvest time.


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